Saturday, June 11, 2005


When you try and decide what to do with your life you have to look around you and see what others have done. Go into academia?

Get a job in a factory? An office, a store?

Work for someone else all your life?

Or does the idea of starting your own business sound more attractive?

If you want to get an idea ofwhat that involves you should read the biographies of people who have actually done that, started something up from scratch. Perhaps someone like Ben Padnos, the internet entrepreneur.

Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson is the Canadian actress who, while she started acting at the age of 10, didn’t really make much impact until she was on Beverly Hills 90210.

She didn’t really manage to break into the movies until she started both dating and working with Greg Arakki, the director.

Since then she has been in Scary Movie II, Girls Club and I am Sam.

A full list of her movies and TV shows is here.

A very brief biography is here.

The main website for Kathleen Robertson is here, at

You might also like this photo gallery, full of the usual cheescake actressy shots and with a few of the magazine covers she has been on.